Ami with her favorite bassist!

And so, AX moved back to Anaheim this year-- which had it's plus and minuses-- but overall, AX this year was, yet again, a total blast. I did more than just lazy around in the Hyatt lobby! Though there wasn't any Hyatt lobby to lazy around in this year, just the Marriott and the Hilton (though I'll always have memories of the Hyatt ~sniffles~ ^_~). I did more this year. I was at the artist alley for the most part (who knew I can make money off my artwork?); I was in the jrock masquerade; and I saw my first ever J-Rock concert of Duel Jewel and Blood-- that was a big plus, of course! I am quite saddened that it's over now-- I could go on forever~~!! Well... at least until I run out of money to pay for the high priced parking fee every single day ^_~ ~shakes fist at the expensive hotel parking!~

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