I was very, very, very excited when I found out that there were going to be two J-Rock indies band that will be performing in AX. You see, I have always thought that I would die without ever seeing a J-Rock performance-- as it turns out, I got to see two bands and two concerts!

Thursday night...
Blood and Duel Jewel both performed on Thursday night. I was in the middle of the crowd for this one and I didn't really get a good seat during Blood's performance, unfortunately. Blood performed songs by Dir En Grey and Gackt's Vanilla and U+K-- which scared/fascinated/amused me all at the same time! They are SO not the band to look like they should be performing happy Gackt songs! lol Duel Jewel blew me away totally. I will admit that I enjoyed them far more than Blood. During their performance, I found Ami, who had found a nice spot on the side to film the concert with the video camera.

They gave an encore performance in their bathrobes which was awesome! xD At one point, Hayato (the vocalist) even walked up towards our camera and sang to us. Ami and I became squealy fangirls when he did that-- though I swear we were MUCH calmer than most of the others that were there o.O Yet, needless to say, I was still very much charmed by Hayato-- he is, as they say, a very charming vocalist for the band! At the end, he began to throw himself into the crowd which I thought was an extremely bad idea... lol but whatever floats his boat, I guess.

Saturday night...
The second concert was the best. Duel Jewel had the whole two hours to themselves since Blood had left the day before. Not only that, but I have friends-- wonderful, wonderful friends-- who works backstage with them. Alyssa, in particular, asked her boss if I could come in and film the band-- which meant I became part of the "film crew". I got to go in about half an hour earlier into the concert room and watched the band set up and warm up. They had hired a lot of security volunteers this time to make a wall against the crowd. The people armed with video cameras, like myself, were allowed to stay on the other side of the line-- pretty much on the stage with the band!

Due to unfortunate circumstances with my digital camera that I could not control... I had lost all of the backstage pictures and concert pictures I took that night -_-; Well-- Alyssa took them for me actually :/ We had the greatest candid shots and it's really depressing to loose those-- but at least I still have the film safe and sound. I'm just grateful I got to be really close to the band!
When they had let the audience in and the crowd began to form, I had found Ami and pulled her to the very front of the crowd and right behind where Alyssa and I were sitting (I was on a chair and Alyssa was on the floor). Of course-- this pissed off many, many lame fangirls ;] Ahhh.. I get my joy out of making those kind of fangirls mad... Ami had to endure much cussing and crueltly from their petty kind-- but they couldn't do anything, because I had a magical sticker on my badge that allowed me some power-- and I wanted Ami to stay there, and therefore, she stayed! I didn't know what they were complaining about so much, though-- Ami is barely five feet tall. They could ALL see above her seeing that they were three times her size :P Ugh. Fangirls. Fortunately, the security girl beside Ami quickly realized that Ami is not a screaming mess of a fangirl and took it upon herself to protect her the whole night from the rest lol
Meanwhile, I am on the stage, dodging guitars. Yuya keeps ending up behind me and I am never aware of it! Alyssa kept having to tell me. Val had a drum solo in which I was sitting on the chairs between the two stages they had set up to film him better-- I was not paying attention and got mauled by both Nitsuki and Hayato when they used those chairs to leap up onstage lol

Their perfomance was undeniably great though. I have the best footage on film of the whole thing. Ami and Natsuki kept having little moments! lol Ami was not shrieking and bouncing like the other girls and Natsuki would constantly try and get her to be energetic. He also took a picture of her... and spat water on her ear. Which wasn't as bad as Hayato-- who got her in the face. She was absolutely disgusted by this and took a long shower when we got home lol! Despite the spitting incident, she was quite charmed by Natsuki and adores him now lol
After the concert, I went to retrieve my bag and coat at the back tables where they were selling the band's merchandise. Lo and behold, the entire band were there signing autographs and such x_X I had to fight my way through the crowd. I was so ditzy, at first, and did not realize what was going on! lol I thought they were just swarming to buy their CDs! lol When I finally got behind the chairs and tables that's blocking the people from closing in too much... I had realized that I was extremely stuck there. I got Hayato, Val, and Yuya's attention and took pictures with them lol I got a hug from Hayato, too!
When I finally managed to get out through the crowd, I found Ami looking very sad. She told me she had tried to say hi to Natsuki but was instead, stepped and attacked by very large fangirls @.@ Jeezus... Ami is TINY, dammit! Crazy fangirls, I swear :P Well... I still had my magical sticker on my badge! Once again, I fought my way through the crowd-- and since the girls of JPop House are extremely lovely people and half of them were good friends of mine, they helped Ami take a picture with Natsuki. She also got a hug from him ^_~

The lesson of this story? Fangirls with dignity always get the last laugh... ;) Much thanks to Alyssa, Hammu, Elisa, Ariana (all my lovely friends!), and the people of J-Pop House for making this concert possible. Also, thanks to Blood and Duel Jewel for their amazing presence at the convention!

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