~grins~ I had a lot of fun during the Furuba gathering. You see-- I was so busy all con that I missed out on all the other gatherings I wanted to go to T_T (i.e. Weiss, Gravitation, etc.)-- so on Sunday, I was determined to take part with this one. At the beginning of the gathering, I was the only Yuki cosplayer o.o lol I had a great time playing around with the many Kyos, Hatsuharus, and Ayames. I got glomped by Hatsuharus and Ayame-- got bitten by Kyo...chased a Kyo around... played tug-of-war with Honda~san... The President of the Prince Yuki Fanclub took me in her arms and kidnapped me... it was a blast. Just take a look at the pictures and you'll see what I mean ^_~.

For everyone who was at the gathering-- thanks for the laughs! Contact me if you can and say hi, won't ya? I'd love to hear from any of you! Especially that one baka neko... xD

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