Okee-- I signed up for the EGL/EGA tournament for fun-- and I really am secretly a big, fat ham inside and enjoys getting on stage. But only when I'm behind a costume and makeup, really ;) Just kidding. The truth is, a lot of my friends were participating in the J-Rock events and I just wanted to have fun with everyone ^-^ I also met someone from my livejournal friend's list, too. Hi to D-chan! She won one of the awards, by the way ^_~ I didn't win but I wasn't really counting on that lol My friends all made me feel so loved though and I felt like the grand prize winner anyways! Bwehehehe... cheesy, cheesy-- but it's true! You'll see in some of the pictures how most of them were attached to me lol I was carried around on stage like a doll and fought over. I love my friends. We also did the infamous House dance on stage!!! xDD <3

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