July 2nd, Wednesday
This day started when we went to pick up Rocky and went around to find her a pink wig for her Haruka costume ^_^ We ended up discovering a small, wig store near me with a really nice lady who runs it! Then, went and picked up TK, and then it was off to the convention centre! The line for the registration was long, as expected, but the line for the pre-regs went pretty fast. The unregistered line was completely stagnant for hours on ends though, and there were very, very angry anime fans... :3 lol It was a little scary c.C We met up with Kuya An and went to check out the motel lobbies. We ended up sitting around the Marriott lobby for a little while and pretended to be a Fellowship ^_^ I was Elrond! Tee hee! Oh yeah, Ami and I were random persocoms that day :>

July 3, Thursday

Buying a few things...

Aa, the official start of the convention! Ami, Rocky, and I were dressed as Weiß Kreuz ^-^ Rocky, her brother, and his friend went off by themselves, though. Ami and Nancy tagged along with me to find out if I had a table at the artist alley that day... and I did... and that was cool ^^ It was a good experience participating in the artist alley. I had a good neighbor, too, even though they put my artwork to shame ;] But it was a lot of fun!

This was the first night for the Duel Jewel/Blood concert, too! So I was excited ^-^ I re-met Sam, too, who I had met first during registration day. She's a darling :) I saw Totchi~neko also! ^___^ And Kelroni from the Nittle Grasper ML that I run :> All during the concert line lol We saw band members going in and out of the bathroom, too. That was funny xD

July 4, Friday
All right, on Friday, Ami and I cosplayed Gravitation for the first part of the day. I didn't sit down for artist alley that day because I was going to be busy ^-^ We had to go to Crispin Freeman's voice acting workshop, after all! Nancy was dressed as Padme that day, and luckily, Legion 51 were there for charity! We ran into Kristy and took pictures with some storm troopers ^-^

This was the day for the J-Rock Masquerade, too, and I had a grueling costume change O.x Keep in mind that we're not staying in a hotel, so we do costume changes in the parking lot and in the bathrooms lol I was a bit sad that I couldn't participate in the Gravitation gathering that day because of the J-Rock Masquerade.... but next year, Gravitation will have to be on top of my priority, no matter what! XD

July 5, Saturday
Save for the one my mother took of us at the house, I have lost all my pictures that we took this day x_o Stupid unreliable technology :P Nancy and I wore our Hellsing costumes that day ^_^ Which was funski-- I wished I had run around more in the costume, but artist alley actually kept me busy x.o Oh well-- it was still a cool costume to wear, since Nancy did such a great job on it ^_^ I have to wear it to another convention soon. We went to the voice actors panel that day, too. We held up our sign that says: We Miss Amanda and Jason Lee! ~grins~ People actually recognized us as the "Fanclub" lol Oh, and Khamryn visited me that day at the artist alley, too! I was so happy because I thought I'd never see her since the con was so spread out this year x.x; But I lost the picture we took together ;_;

July 6, Sunday
The last day~! Yet again, spent most of it at the artist alley ^-^ I was making pretty good money... I couldn't help it! T_T

Overall-- AX 2003 was great, successful... it was fun! :3

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